Recently, someone was proofing my book manuscript and came across an important error in my math.  None of my calculators do billions and trillions, so finally I set about the task manually, filling the page with zeros and more zeros until the right answer could be carefully verified.  The result was not only more appalling but truly staggering.

The amount the U. S. government spends on public education is not “just” more than $1 trillion every three years but actually  $2.55 trillion.

Just ask any mother about her child’s bright mind during pre-school days and  you will realize that we are spending this kind of money to de-genius all our nation’s children.

“Children start school as question marks and leave as periods.” – – – Neil Postman



How satisfying to enter January again in a burrow of privacy, isolation, rest, regular hours and true (if slow) productivity – – away from the busy and distracting frenzy of December!

Progress and forward momentum that I can cause and see strengthens positive expectations.  A simple diet of hot soups and teas brings balance and well-being.  There is time to reflect, adjust habits, take up life-giving practices.  The crystalline cold seems to bring clarity and purity of  mind and soul. I revisit my resolutions and feel excitement. This project (of the learning center) was launched one cold January black dawn, I remind myself. A new goal has presented itself to my consciousness that will greatly enhance and support this one. I feel resolute.

“People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than those who don’t.”  Anthony Robbins