To tell the truth, I have been so incredibly busy lately on the various facets of this project that I breezed right through April without producing a blog.  Sorry!

Standing at my kitchen sink, preparing my vegetables for lunch, it occurred to me that perhaps I should remind you that the most mundane activities of life offer countless opportunities for discovery.  I’ll use myself for an example AND give you free of charge a wonderful little secret I discovered on my own.

One day, as I was preparing a batch of fresh vegetables for the crisping bin of my refrigerator, I got to thinking about my green pepper and how quickly peppers tend to shrivel once I get them home from the store.

I looked at that pepper and sent it a thought like “Honey, what would make you happy and lively, AND keep you that way?”  Instantly, the answer seemed to come back in a wee whisper:  “water –please!”

I thought about that for a moment and realized that the stem of that pepper had been used to drawing its water from the vine to which it had been attached. “Hmmm”. . . I thought. What if I turned that pepper upside down and placed that stem in a small tub of water instead of just placing the whole pepper in the crisping bin?

Within just one day, the most incredible thing had happened!!  That pepper had sucked up about half of the water and was heavy and sloshing when I shook it!  Furthermore, even after I had used a portion of the pepper, if I carefully avoided destroying the stem, I could keep that pepper succulent and fresh for days on end, until I finished using it.

Then I decided to try other vegetables:  zucchini, yellow squash, celery, cucumber, etc. Sure enough, just placing them upside down in a tub of water keeps them ALL fresh and delicious until used.

Never forget that TO DISCOVER  is one of the things you were created to do: part of your neural hardwiring.  Being on the lookout for opportunities to do so makes even daily chores an exciting adventure. Look, ask, “listen” and experiment. You’ll have such fun and help the world too!