Mountain Perspectives

I currently live in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, where I was born and raised, in a culture derived from the hearty folkways, dialect and music of rugged Scots/Irish immigrants. Foreign travel expanded my horizons, however, and as I explored twenty-three countries on five continents, I noticed that I always felt more alive in mountains, and that whenever I was deprived of them for long, my soul seemed to shrivel and I began to yearn for that which was rock solid and enduring.

I need the lofty ideals, the sense of the possible, and the higher perspective mountains impart to me. I also require the independent thought, grit, and humility they seem to provide, not to mention the beauty that often knocks my socks off. It’s the high places that seem to sort out my heart, and help me grasp what is important and true. As these ancient mountains silently ignore the rat race and its rhetoric below, they can also inspire some mighty big ideas and faith in new possibilities.

Hello World!

Thanks for visiting this website and welcome. I am Brenda Hamilton and because this is my first blog, I am feeling self-conscious, awkward, and even frightened, like the little kid I used to be, hesitating on the roof of the boathouse before taking a flying leap through the air into Norris Lake. After all, it’s scary to think about starting up something that has the potential to connect with millions of people, might heap terrible criticism on my head, might come across as terribly misled, egotistic or just plain goofy. But it’s time to dive on in because I sincerely know that I have something REALLY important to say. So here I am, willing to imagine, invent, or create any kind of platform on the face of the earth from which to shout my message. I truly feel it is that important. Besides, I remember clearly that after I had jumped in that lake, I loved the way it invigorated me and before long, I was jumping in again and again, each time with renewed gusto. So whee! . . . Kerplunk! . . .