My charming Mary Englebreit calendar page for yesterday showed a happy little boy holding up an American flag against a backdrop of fireworks. The caption said “Let Freedom Ring.” In small letters at the bottom was the word “Everywhere” in white capital letters.  Somehow the placement of that one word spoke volumes, bringing to mind the many places on earth where freedom is still only a dream.

As I was reflecting on this, it occurred to me that there is a place right under our noses, right here in the good old U.S.A. where 50.4 million people are held captive every single day; held against their truest instincts, their wills, their desires, and their abilities to do  anything about it.

Not only is it a tragedy – – it is also a major transgression against mankind.  These are people without clout, advocates, means of organizing their ranks, and usually lacking the vocabulary to even articulate their frustrations.  This evil has been allowed to exist for centuries due to a cultural hypnosis and a plan that was instituted by governments as a means of control for their own purposes.

This number represents “the little people,” who are made to trudge off to a manmade prison and sit there and obey “the big people” for at least 7 hours of every day.

Forget that they were born to be geniuses; that they have unique one-time only DNA; that they have enormous capacities for wonder, curiosity, creativity, inventiveness, skill acquisition, and imagination; that they love to explore and make discoveries; that they have proven themselves to be excellent learners by successfully mastering a complex language by age three; and that they start out among the most joyful, delightful, beguiling, most universally cherished beings known to mankind.

Let it be said here; let it be said now, that I, for one, (even if the only one), stand firm for these little people. I passionately advocate for their rights; I completely understand their need for freedom; and I will speak, write and work for their rights until my last breath.  Yes, Mary, freedom EVERYWHERE is what we want; what all civilized people of every age deserve; and what will make the world a happier, more sane, more wonderful place.

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