John Dewey got it right.  His books are still in print and the world is still waiting for a widespread implementation of his spot-on philosophy.

This post told me something I didn’t already know about him:  that his experimental school found the perfect way to teach at least 5 subjects at a time. [Thank you, Jim Hensley for bringing this to my attention.]  Have a look!




Recently Dr. James Lawler, psychologist and revered member of our board of directors, sent me a link to explore about the Reggio Emilia schools in Italy.  This information was entirely new to me – – an unintentionally well-kept secret perhaps?

What I have not been able to get out of my mind is the word “beheld.” Somehow, that word suggests something so very worth looking at that it is almost biblical in its mandate:  something jaw-dropping.  It is used to introduce the philosophy of the school:

. . .”the child is beheld as beautiful, powerful, competent, creative, curious, and full of potential and ambitious desires.”

Those words suggest glory and magnificence enough to knock one’s socks off!

Once someone really beholds a child in all its glory, the mind is boggled with inspirations, visions, energies and determinations to change the existing order. At least, that is what happened to me.