If you have not seen the movie “Happy,” produced by Tom Shadyac, make it your business to find it and quietly take in its beautiful messages. Tom traveled the world to document both cultures and individuals who are just simply happy. The film is full of profound clues.

If you expose yourself to the current news, it becomes obvious that our culture in this country is not as happy as it could be. There are now 314 million firearms, for example, as people struggle with their fears and hostilities on a daily basis.

A major contributor to this state of mental malaise is compulsory schooling, which takes young tots and gradually destroys their happiness, which includes their naturalness, their drive, their powers to invent and imagine, their self-determination, their freedom to move, their immense creativity, and their joy of discovery. Every day 49,800,000 children in our country are having these things taken away from them.

My work with Hamilton Learning Foundation is to replace ignorance and fear with learning ecstasy, respect and true community in time for humanity to save itself.

“American education has evolved in such a way that it will be the undoing of society.” Buckminster Fuller

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