At last!! I am back!  I sincerely apologize for the long absence. Here is why I’ve been gone:

One day, all of my blogs simply disappeared. I could have cried. I had spent two years  thinking, researching, collecting ideas, ferreting out information, writing and rewriting.  Suddenly, it was all for naught.   Even worse, I was at a critical juncture and couldn’t spend any time at all to try to fix the problem. (Not to mention that I didn’t have a single clue about what was wrong or how to go about fixing it.)

I was up to my ears in deadlines with my publisher, trying hard to get in a position to actually print the book I had spent years writing. There was simply no time to tackle the sad state of affairs with the blog.

Then one day, I realized that I had at last completed every single task on the book. Ahhhhhhh! (You could have heard the relief all the way from Tennessee to Alaska if you had been listening.)

I jumped on the blog problem, and within two days, I had it solved. All those words were still in the cloud. (Oh, blessed cloud, wherever you are, whatever you are!)

The book is now at the printer and I am told I could be holding a copy in my hand by next Monday. Now that warms my heart, let me tell you. . .

I have big plans for that book. I am hoping that it will open the doors that will lead to the funding of this project. As soon as I have it, it will be posted on the website and you can surely order one if you are eager to read it. A friend told me “it’s the best non-fiction page turner I have ever read!” (Actually, I still get truly excited when I read it myself, if that tells you anything.)

In the meantime, I continue to work and work on different aspects of what is surely the world’s most fascinating project. Some days I am all into geology with visions of geodes, volcanoes and sub-Atlantic trenches going through my head. Other days, I am so excited about Luna Moths and their incredible pheromone system that I can barely resist stopping strangers on the street to talk about it.

There are simply not enough hours in the day to delve into all the wonderful caches of strange facts I wish to discover, and then think about how a learning center could present them to eager, still curious young minds.

More to follow . . .Stay tuned!



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