It seems to me that the normal yearning for world unity and peace is often undercut by lack of a universally accepted value system.  Such things as religious organizations, tribal customs,  philosophical orientations, and political affiliations often stand in the way of wise, broad consensus about how to care for our planet.

The values of science, however, can usually gain acceptance in the most diverse cultures.

Here is a list of the values of science from an old booklet called Education and the Spirit of Science which is worth consideration:

1. Longing to know and to understand

2. Questioning of all things

3. Search for data and their meaning

4. Demand for verification

5. Respect for logic

6. Consideration of premises

7. Consideration of consequences.

Implicit in these values are:

1. Honesty

2. Reliability

3. Responsibility

4. Modesty

5. Humility

6. Willingness to see one’s own conclusions challenged.

In learning science, there is much more than just the subject matter, or even the discovery of principles or broad concepts.  There is this tremendously crucial nurturing of a VALUE SYSTEM which may turn out to be mankind’s best hope, most important endeavor and ultimately our salvation.





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