Today is my mother’s birthday.  She would be 95, if she had not passed away in 2011.

Her beautiful portrait sits next to my computer.  Her kind, wise face inspires and encourages me every day.

When she was about 5 or 6, she built a library in the back of her father’s dog truck.  She spent much of the rest of her life collecting books, magazines, newspaper clippings and printed materials of every kind. I suppose I have a lot of this part of her DNA.  How I treasure the two thousand plus books in my house, surrounded as I am by my “old friends,” exciting new ideas, treasured children’s books, inspirational materials, and enough intellectual stimulation to last ten lifetimes.

Mom’s mind knew no limits.  She was as deeply into the mysteries of quantum physics as she was the glamour of Hollywood personalities.  Furthermore, she always reminded me that every person we meet is like a good book which we haven’t read yet. She could easily and delightedly converse on any subject with any person she ever met, great or small.

I miss you, Mom.  Happy Birthday!

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