R. Buckminster Fuller received forty-seven honorary degrees, held twenty-eight patents, was awarded the Medal of Freedom, and was the author of twenty-nine books.

Critical Path, his masterpiece, contains almost 400 pages of original insights, obscure but   wildly vital information, prescriptive wisdom and instructions for what mankind must do if we’re to survive.  It is very readable, extremely interesting and deeply thought-provoking, providing a history of the world unlike anything you ever learned in school.

The outside cover of my edition (printed around 1994) states:

* “The masterwork of one of the finest minds and most significant thinkers of the modern age.”

* “As urgent and relevant today as it was upon its initial publication.”

* “One of the truly original thinkers of the twentieth century.”

* “Brilliant insights …Fuller is still ahead of the parade.”

I found myself wishing everyone I know would read this book and that the “people in charge” around the world  would quit playing brinksmanship games with politics and religion so that we can get on with creating life scenarios that work for all.

I hope you will read it and that you will recommend it to your friends.

I wrote about Fuller in my August 30th blog.  I will probably be writing about him again —and again.

Consider this powerful challenge from the text of his great book:

“At the present cosmic moment, muscle, cunning, fear, and selfishness are in powerful control of human affairs….You could be ‘the straw that breaks the camel’s back’ …that straw of intellect, initiative, unselfishness, comprehensive integrity, competence and love [that]… saves us…On personal integrity hangs humanity’s fate.” – R. Buckminster Fuller


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