Recently I have been working quite feverishly to complete patents.  It is a very intense sort of labor:  one of exactitude, adherence to rules, adaptation of forms, and trying to finally pin down what started as a mental picture into what can actually be constructed in three dimensions and found workable. Nothing in my “education” ever prepared me for this task.

What a fine thing it will be when very young children can begin to acquire these skills  early and use them throughout life, applying them to the practical and challenging  problems they will face in everyday living:  a bit of  instruction along the way in tools of drafting, mechanical engineering,  graphic design, lettering  – –  skills to so greatly help them with their ideas, projects and passions so that they could begin early to bring life to the tiny seed in their minds.

The new  learning center will offer this kind of help daily (and so much more) from caring mentors in a setting of appropriate tools, equipment and furnishings. Children will come to treasure their originality and take their own great ideas seriously.

In the meantime, it is possible to encounter much good help “online.”  For example, did you ever need to draw a big oval?   I was stumped one day, needing one larger than my template and found quick and easy help;  something that would be fun for kids to master.


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