We’re doing it wrong.

Humanity is gradually waking up a bit and beginning to notice all the things we’ve been doing wrong:

Polluting the atmosphere

Killing life in the oceans

Adding dangerous substances to our foods

Stockpiling lethal global weapons

Endangering species

The one I am most passionate about is the mistaken way we educate people.

By doing “education” wrong, we’re missing millions of rare and wonderful gifts that have come into the world only to be buried by time and missed opportunities.

By trying to do education from the outside in, instead of from the inside out, we are tragically killing at least 90% of the human potential.

“Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.”  W. B. Yeats



4 thoughts on “ATTENTION WORLD!

  1. The highest quality in learning should be the number one priority in all societies. It seems to me that ignorance is at the heart and root of all our ills… And yes, people are finally waking up to it – progress is being made! Check out this new robot toy designed to teach children as young as 5 to program computers:

  2. Thank you for your excellent comment and the video clip!

    Three thoughts: 1. When a piece of learning can be boiled down to a child’s interactive toy, it’s a sign that the inventor understands the concept enough to make it as simple as child’s play. 2. This puts huge power into the hands of the very young. 3. Will the content be more mindlessness (trip ’em up, shoot ’em, blow ’em up) or will it instead reflect kind and caring true intelligence?

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