Have you ever read a book that somehow ignited a beautiful steady flame of solid hope deep inside you?   That happened to me when I read Paul Chappell’s PEACEFUL REVOLUTION.

A West Point graduate and a former captain in the Iraq war, he has uncovered not only the real causes of war, but also the truth about human nature. His insights are stunning in their possibilities:

* War is a fraud than never delivers on its promises.

* War depends upon deception of the general population.

* Lying and coercive power go hand in hand.

* The true motives of war are greed and increase of empire.

* Man is not naturally aggressive, but must be trained to kill and make war.

* Man can be trained to wage peace, just as effectively as he can be trained to                             wage war.

* Good alternatives exist.

Not only is the book based on solid research and clear, eloquent writing, but Chappell’s ability to write from the heart has produced a message that goes to the heart.

His “fire in the belly” burns blue-white and yet is masterfully contained, harnessed and directed toward specific right actions so that it becomes powerful enough to actually save mankind from its own self-destruction. This brand of hope is not built on wishful thinking but on realism, evidence, experience and trust.

My path and his intersect on p. 25 on which he says, “To survive as a global family we must offer people a more fulfilling vision of what it means to be human:  one that makes greed look empty in comparison.”

Paul Chappell has penned an enormously significant book for humankind – – one that could mark a watershed event in the future written history of this world. I urge you to read it.



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