The public library I frequent is adjacent to a school playground.  It is interesting to listen to the pitch and tone of the children’s yells as they burst from the door at recess time.

George B. Leonard, author of Education and Ecstasy made some insightful observations:

“It has been my experience that, wherever the classroom situation is repressive and antithetical to learning, the playground situation, in direct ratio, is hyperactive and equally antithetical to learning.  In true play the child is intent, responsive, unhurried, completely involved.  There is a lovely seriousoness about it.  The child who explodes out of and in reaction to a static, non-learning environment is hurried, unresponsive, indeed almost spastic.  This is not delight; it is desperation.”

I yearn for the day when people of all ages can truly play and play all day with lovely seriousness, and in so doing begin to hugely benefit the world with their insights, discoveries, creativity and inventions.



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