Today I want to publicly express my profound thanks to my web designer, Mr. Paul Klein of Knoxville, Tennessee for the amazing work he did to produce this website. With his immense creative abilities and quick grasp of what is desired, Paul has the magical ability to turn mere ideas into a reality that is even better than at first imagined.

Not only does he bring to his work excellent technical know-how, “can-do” resourcefulness, keen intelligence, fresh ideas, excellent layout skills, exceptional writing ability, and restraints of good taste, but also he is wonderfully patient, easy going, reliable, kind and flexible.

In creating logos and printed materials, he is just as skilled and meticulous, providing excellent prices and quick turnaround. If you need printing or design work done, his website can be found at: EPrintPro.Net

In addition, Paul is just plain fun, always seeing the humor in every situation and often expressing his lighthearted moods. Above all, he has a truly good heart that sincerely believes in and cares for humanity in its upward progression.

Thank you, Paul, for all you did to make this website all I had hoped and dreamed it would be. As you well know, it would never have happened without you.

One thought on “PAUL KLEIN

  1. Thank you, Brenda! I truly believe in your vision of hope and cannot wait until people catch the understanding of what we’re all trying to accomplish with your new open model for learning!

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